Hi everyone,
Been busy the last few weeks, I did finish my projects early, 1st of this month, 1 day delay because of my lazyness. Now doing some exchange trouble shooting, but I only need to do this so that I would not be call during my vacation.
About my vacation, I leaving for Indonesia on 24th of July night. Insha Allah I’ll be there on 25th noon. I wasn’t planning to go, but we talked my brother to bring forward his wedding from February 2008 to this summer, so we can all attend. Apparently, he had to any way. Will be there for 1 month, and still not sure if I will ever be able to come online. Internet connections there are really lousy (especially in smaller towns).
I bought a new digital camera for the ocasion, after looking around, a friend of mine highly recommended the Canon A720IS. It turned out to be a very good camera.