Hi everyone,
Just came back Tuesday evening from Indonesia, the trip was very nice, had lots of good time, and met a lot of friends and relatives.

I spent the first 3 days in Bogor

I attended a relative’s wedding, and was invited at the father’s house the next day.

Then we moved to Tegal for my brother’s wedding, but 1st we had BBQ fish

We went to the ‘Macar’ night (It’s the night before the wedding)

Then it was my brother’s wedding

The next day we had a Calung (Chalung) band party

After the wedding we spent a night in Guci

Few days later we all went to Bandung, I spent a night only and left the next night.
Me and my cosine then left for Perwokerto, that’s where Batturraden was located.

After visiting a lot of relatives and dozens of tea cups, I accompanied my cusine to Jakarta
That’s when I went to Monas

And back to Tegal after spending 3 nights in Jakarta, I went back to Slawi On the 19th of August, it was the Carnival in Slawi

That’s when my uncle had a chance to retest his “Drum Band” skills

And on the 20th, there was another carnival in Tegal

And they showed us some snakes!!!

And I had “Ayu Suraya” pose for me (She is a famous Indonesian Singer)

We drove back to Jakarta the following day, and there was another carnival just outside of Berebes!!!

My cosine then cached up with me in Bogor, and we went to Taman Safari

After 32 days in Indonesia, we flew back to Jeddah

I will upload more photos and videos every now and then