We have implemented mSona’s mBox 2020 few months back.  Since the sellers were very mysterious about the device, I decided to reveal its inner parts.

Here’s how the mBox looks like, you can see the ADSL module installed:

This is a top view of the mBox, after opening the cover:

You can clearly see the Hard-Disk on the bottom-left side of the photo. On it’s right, is the power supply specially made for mSona. The card on the left is the ADSL Module. On the right side, is a regular motherboard for a PC. and that is covered with mSona’s manageable switch.

After unscrewing the manageable switch, you can clearly see the motherboard. the switch is simply up-linked to the motherboard’s gigabit LAN interface, additional connections for power and LED. You can see 2 SATA cables going to the 2 Hard-Disks installed. The disks are configured as RAID-1 from mSona’s OS.

You can see the HDMI and DVI video connections. As per mSona’s engineer, they are used to diagnose the hardware if it is completely down.

USB ports and gigabit LAN connection up-linked to the manageable switch.

Audio connections, an unnecessary addition, yet remember, it’s a standard motherboard.

A closer look at the board and it’s connections. The add-on card contains 2 USB ports which can be used with a 3G connection module, and external USB flash or Hard-Disk and it is used as a console cable with a special USB cable. There are 2 soft buttons for “Power” and “Reset”, 2 LED’s for Power “PWR” and System “SYS”. You can see them in the first image.

A look a t the DSL card from outside.

And this is how it looks like from inside. I think I saw this PCI device in the market few years back. You can also see the PCI-Raiser card, even though this is mSona’s proprietary, I’ve been seeing several types of this in servers and branded PC’s through the years.

You may contact me for any further clarifications.