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Few ricer I have seen around:

This is a Mitsubishi Jeep Liberty:

And this is a Daihatsu Jeep:

And he insists:

This guy thinks his car is the best in the word, yet he can’t spell its name properly:

I don’t know if I should consider this as a ricer:

Chinese manufacturers should reconsider their product names, this truck I saw on the road was interesting:

I wasn’t sure the name was real, so I visited a car exhibition and they had a booth:

Now, I don’t get surprised any more:



2001 Odyssey

Finally we have a decent family car.
It’s a 2001 Honda Odyssey. It’s standard version. Has a traction control, cruise control and a DVD Entertainment system.
Here are the pics:
Even though what I wanted was the all new 2008 Hyundai H1 (Starex):
2008 hyundai Starex
but it was so much over priced.


My 2005 Camry reached 32000KM. I think it is reasonable after 18 months. I know people who did that much in less than a year.
I’m uploading a pic of the odometer, I hope that it works.

1989 Caprice Classic LS

This is my 1989 Caprice Classic LS.
I’ve have it since early 1996. And now, I want to sell it. Even though I don’t really feel to do so. But I need the money, that’s one thing. And mainly because I don’t have much time taking care of it.


My Mitsubishi SpaceWagon was sold for 16K.
It’s the same price I bought it with.
Now, I have to fix my 1989 Caprice Classic and offer it for sale as well.
I will be posting it’s pictures soon.

Car Pics

I promised that I will be posting the car pictures, but got really busy.
Here are the pics:

Car For Sale

My 1998 Mitsubishi SpaceWagon passed the maintainance check. It’s officially for sale now.
I’m asking for 18.5K. I know it’s more than the market price, I have spent alot of money on it, and I think the price is reasonable.
I will post the pictures soon.
It has new: tires, AC compressor, freezer and front brake pads.
Recently fixed: Speedometer, driver’s power window and the fule pump.
Problem(s): the AC outlets in the middle are broken, and the rear break pads has about 4 months before needing replacement.
Hoping to get a good deal.


My 2005 Camry passed the magic number 22222 KM. It took me more than a year to reach this number. Though I was expecting that I would only reach it after 18 months.
I rememberd the pics but those are when it was still less than 10000km’s.
I had a broken rear-left backlight early. I haven’t fixed it yet. I don’t think it’s worth it, as you can barely notice it.