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We have implemented mSona’s mBox 2020 few months back.  Since the sellers were very mysterious about the device, I decided to reveal its inner parts.

Here’s how the mBox looks like, you can see the ADSL module installed:

This is a top view of the mBox, after opening the cover:

You can clearly see the Hard-Disk on the bottom-left side of the photo. On it’s right, is the power supply specially made for mSona. The card on the left is the ADSL Module. On the right side, is a regular motherboard for a PC. and that is covered with mSona’s manageable switch.

After unscrewing the manageable switch, you can clearly see the motherboard. the switch is simply up-linked to the motherboard’s gigabit LAN interface, additional connections for power and LED. You can see 2 SATA cables going to the 2 Hard-Disks installed. The disks are configured as RAID-1 from mSona’s OS.

You can see the HDMI and DVI video connections. As per mSona’s engineer, they are used to diagnose the hardware if it is completely down.

USB ports and gigabit LAN connection up-linked to the manageable switch.

Audio connections, an unnecessary addition, yet remember, it’s a standard motherboard.

A closer look at the board and it’s connections. The add-on card contains 2 USB ports which can be used with a 3G connection module, and external USB flash or Hard-Disk and it is used as a console cable with a special USB cable. There are 2 soft buttons for “Power” and “Reset”, 2 LED’s for Power “PWR” and System “SYS”. You can see them in the first image.

A look a t the DSL card from outside.

And this is how it looks like from inside. I think I saw this PCI device in the market few years back. You can also see the PCI-Raiser card, even though this is mSona’s proprietary, I’ve been seeing several types of this in servers and branded PC’s through the years.

You may contact me for any further clarifications.



Bridgestone’s exclusive Saudi distributor turns to ESET to deliver optimized security support.

ADAOX Middle East, the regional business development centre for
ESET NOD32 Antivirus, today announced that Al Talayi Establishment, the
sole distributor for Bridgestone Tires in Saudi Arabia, has deployed
ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security (ESS) suite to secure its
computers and IT network from viruses, spyware, malware and other known

and unknown online security threats.

Al Talayi Tires, an ISO 9001/2000 certified company, has the
largest distribution network for tires in Saudi Arabia. The company has
a huge network of branch offices, tire service centers, warehouses and
large fleet of trucks and vans across the Kingdom. To centralise its
operations, the company has an extensive IT infrastructure in place
which includes a robust BAAN ERP system, Microsoft ISA (Internet
Security and Acceleration) Server and Microsoft Exchange among other
key applications deployed on hundreds of computers at 30 key locations.
The company has several leased lines as well as a Virtual Private
Network for connectivity.

‘With such an exhaustive IT network in place, a failsafe IT
security service was a necessity for us. Robust virus protection is
critical to the well-being of our company’s commercial operations,
which is almost entirely computer-based. We were not happy with the
performance of our previously installed antivirus solution, the lack of
adequate support, and the fact that the software consumed high PC and
network bandwidth. We were experiencing continuous trouble with
infections, complex signature distribution and administering remote
networks and hence we decided to replace the security solution,’
explains Eng. Abdullah A. R. Bawazir, Network Supervisor, Al Talayi

‘We evaluated various security products available in the market and
chose ESET NOD32 and ESS suite for their proactive heuristics
diagnostics and the size of the software, which wouldn’t slow down the
system’s performance. We also read reviews of different antivirus
products performed by independent consumer organizations such as AV
Bulletin and AV Comparatives to be sure we were making the right
choice. We are more than satisfied with the performance of ESET NOD32
and ESET Smart Security solutions and are also happy with Zedan for
their support, speed and professionalism on this deployment,’ Eng.
Bawazir added.

Zedan Solutions, ESET’s distributor in Saudi Arabia, helped Al
Talayi deploy the ESET solutions seamlessly with no network slowdown or
downtime. The ESS suite and ESET NOD32 could be centrally managed,
automatically updating end-user devices without impacting performance
and offering the highest level of proactive protection that stops any
new forms of malware from impacting the network.

Both ESET NOD32 as well as ESS has been installed on the ERAS
servers, as well as the Microsoft Exchange servers. The ability to
centrally and remotely manage ESET administration across several
replicated ERAS has been of great benefit to the client.

‘We have witnessed several strategic businesses in the market
realizing the need for a security product that secures effectively and
is easily managed through a central management console. With such user
friendly features on offer, ESET NOD32 as well as ESS have been finding
favor with a number of customers across the SMB and enterprise
sectors,’ commented Mr. Brian Hawley, General Manager at Zedan

Built on the award-winning ThreatSense engine, ESET NOD32 antivirus
software proactively detects and eliminates more viruses, trojans,
worms, adware, spyware, phishing, rootkits and other internet threats
than any other antivirus solution available on the market today. ESET
NOD32 is very light as compared to other antivirus products, less CPU
intensive when executing a background scan and is also more efficient
in detecting threats. It is an ideal antivirus for any system including
operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows XP and also runs
smoothly on Windows legacy systems, MS-DOS, file servers, mail servers,
and more.

ESET Smart Security is a tightly integrated security solution,
built on the ESET NOD32 Antivirus and its powerful ThreatSense engine.
It provides antispyware, antispam and customised firewall features.

‘ESET NOD32 and ESS offer industry leading performance and easy
manageability that customers like Al Talayi need to easily and securely
exchange information. Our continued success in the region with key
customers is a testimony of the technical superiority of the products
that we offer. Designed to offer hassle free performance, these
solutions are least resource hungry and drastically reduce the risks of
malicious code and unsuitable e-mail content from entering the
network,’ said Mr. Neo Neophytou, Managing Director of ADAOX Middle

Al Talayi Bridgestone is about to embark on an IT expansion phase,
mostly to increase redundancy and clustering of mail, hub and edge
servers. A key aspect will be to closely integrate ESET solutions into
this expansion and Zedan is working closely with them on this project.

Got my Acer One

Last night, I went to get my Acer Aspire One NetTop. It’s my 1st ever brand new laptop/nettop. I am known for not being a fan of laptops in general.
The thing that made me buy this one that it has no hard disk drive. It uses an SSD memory as a "Hard-Disk". This makes it more durable to vibrations and falls, as there isn’t any moving parts. I will gain more battery time and lighter weight.
The preloaded Linpus Linux is amazing. Boots before you know it (Acer says it boots in 13 seconds), didn’t check it out though, but IT IS fast.

PASSED my IT1 Exam

I took my IT1 Exam last week. it was very challengin 51 question exam.
I did 76%, I really messed up the IEEE names!!! Why should I know the name of a certain plug if I already know what it does!!! Somethings are common and okay to know their names. But why do I need to know the name of the power supply of the CD-ROM drive???
Anyway, I might do the CCNA exam sometime this month, wish me luck.

Cisco Expo 2006

This year isn’t as cool as last year’s expo.
They only concentrated on what they have achived, some interesting facts and numbers. But unfortenatly, somebody took my notes during the lunch break .
I ended up being upset for the rest of the afternoon session.
The weather in Riyadh was really good. Too bad I stayed for a single night only.
I tried contacting an old friend, but I wasn’t able to.

Server 2003 R2

Attended a seminar last Wednesday about server 2003 R2. Quiet interesting, but too much to remember.
Weekend was fine, not boring at all, but could have been better. Did many "pending" things though.
Today is a hectic day, done alot, but still too much to do yet. Going for a lunch with an old friend now 🙂
I might be putting my cars pics soon.