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Weekend in Madinah

Spent last weekend in Madinah. It was my cusine’s wedding.
It was really fun, and the food was very good. But because another wedding hall which had a simillar name and another wedding, many of those who were invited went to the wrong wedding!!! Other than that was all good, especially the food.
The weather was just OK. Not that hot but not cold either.
I had to balance my tires, the steering wheel viberated when i drove ove 120KM/hour. But the Oddessy was very comfortable in the highway.

Back from Cairo

Just came back from Cairo last night, nice city, but very noisy. 8 days were just about enough.
The training was OK, the trainer is good, the managing committee were soso.
Took lots of pics, unfortenatly I lost my Camera, I forgot it in a bus, luckyly my friend had a camera as well.
Posted lots of photos… enjoy them Smile

Back to Work

Just came back 10 days ago from Indonesia. Had a very good 40 days vacation.
It was interesing and lots of relaxation, and lot of fun too.
Had a day transit in Abu Dhabi on my way there… interesting city, especially it’s people.
Got lost in Jakarta, as I have not been there for 7 years. Luckyly I had a good driver who knew the city.
The football mach was good, but the fans were better.
Java was very nice, though it only rained once, but the weather was clear and fine.
Guci was very cold and Owabong was something new and interesting, unfortenatley we didn’t spend much time there.
The annual independance day festival was very cool, especially in Slawi, shot a number of pics and a couple of videos, you may see them here.
Will add more pics every now and then… just hope that I have the time to do so Smile